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Injectors are key for precise applications. Fill in the first 3 fields to find out the exact amount of product required for your setup. 


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Important Notes

* If you’re using Clear Zona, please note that it’s a 2-part product (Part A and Part B). The calculated result you’ll see is actually the amount needed for just one part. Don’t divide this amount! Instead, you’ll need to use equal amounts of both Part A and Part B to get the full effect. So, if the calculator says you need 30mL, that means you should use 30mL of Part A and 30mL of Part B for a total of 60mL.

** Your calculated amount of liquid product is meant to go into a stock container, possibly with other ingredients. Please add ONLY enough water to make the total volume equal to the size of your stock container. For example, if you entered 10 gallons in the “stock tank volume” field above and you’ve added 1 gallon of various liquid products, then only add 9 more gallons of water. DO NOT fill the container to the brim with 10 gallons of water, or you’ll dilute your solution, reducing its effectiveness.

  1. All EPM products are complex living organisms, so mixing them with other products and knowing if they are compatible can be tricky. The key is pH balance. Aim to keep the pH level in our stock container between 5 and 7 to maintain Clear Zona’s effectiveness. For added assurance, you might opt for a series of injectors. Here’s how it works: Outgoing water flows through the first injector, which is linked to a stock tank containing EPM products. The injector pulls EPM products to the water line. This treated water then moves on to the second injector, linked to another stock tank, where additional solutions will be pulled into the water line before the final mix is delivered to your plants.