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Step up your plant care game with Environmental Plant Management - your go-to partner for cutting-edge, eco-conscious solutions that make your plants thrive while keeping Mother Earth happy!

Unbeatable Efficacy

Protection Plus is a natural marvel that serves as an insecticide and miticide.  Lab-tested high kill rates on 1st application without harsh chemicals, oils, or odor.

Cleaner Plants, Cleaner Earth

ECO Green plant wash is a revelation, effortlessly washing away anything that hampers your plant's ability to breathe and grow.  Leaves return to their natural luster after the removal of dirt, dust and residue from oil-based products.

Clear, Healthy Water

Clear Zona, our revolutionary water cleanser, annihilates biofilm, slime, and mineral deposits from plant and non-plant surfaces

Cost Effective

Our high-impact products not only reduce the amount of inputs you need but also minimize the risk of costly application errors.

Science Meets Nature

We've achieved a beautiful harmony of scientific innovation and nature's wisdom.  Our formulations are as gentle on the Earth as they are robust in promoting plant health.