Pests and diseases can be incredibly detrimental to hydroponic growers as these problems directly attack the health of crops. Diseases and parasite problems can spread quickly in a closed system like hydroponics. Due to the high humidity associated with most grow setups, mildew and molds are rampant.

Additionally, crop densities in hydroponic systems are usually higher than in regular soil-grown systems which again, increases susceptibility to pests. Hydroponic growers must take extra measures to protect their operations from these common issues if they hope to earn back their invested costs.

EPM offers eco-friendly, all-natural solutions to prevent and treat these problems. From insecticide and plant wash to irrigation system cleaners that can biodegrade biofilm, you'll find EPM has a product suited to your needs.

Hydroponic Aphid Control

Aphids are one of the most common pests in hydroponic systems--and they can cause all kinds of problems, like reduced plant growth, damaged roots, hampered nutrient absorption, and even spreading viruses. In order to ensure a successful hydroponic grow operation, it's important to effectively manage hydroponic aphid control by using targeted pest management strategies such as biological controls and natural insecticides.

This is another area in which EPM's Protection Plus® shines.  Featuring best-in-class kill rates, Protection Plus kills up to 98% of aphids in hydroponic grow operations.

Controlling Whiteflies in Hydroponics

Hydroponic growers must maintain vigilance against whiteflies, another common insect pest that can cause serious damage in indoor grow operations. If whiteflies are left unchecked, they not only hamper production but can contaminate crops and create health risks for consumers due to their vectors for viral and fungal diseases.

Protection Plus® is especially effective against whiteflies. When used correctly, it will kill up to 100% of whiteflies in a single treatment, making it a safe, highly effective option that eliminates the need for retreatments.

Controlling Spider Mites in Hydroponics

Spider mites are one of the most destructive pests in hydroponic systems and can cause significant damage to crops if left unchecked. These tiny arachnids feed on plant cells, which can lead to yellowing and wilting leaves, stunted growth, and even death of plants. Controlling spider mites is critical for successful hydroponic growers as these pests reproduce quickly and spread rapidly throughout grow operations.

The use of natural insecticides like EPM's Protection Plus® is an effective way to control spider mites in hydroponics. A single treatment with Protection Plus kills up to 89% of spider mites (shown in efficacy testing)--without introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.