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"Longevity Guru" Calculator

Curious how long Clear Zona will last you? This calculator provides an approximate guideline to help you project input costs for regular use in your specific cultivation setup. Every grower's setup is unique, affecting how long a product will last. Factors like evaporation, application rates, etc. all play a part. These calculations are intended as a starting point.

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Amounts in the yellow boxes are the amounts of Part A AND Part B that you will need to add. 

Concentrate Amt to Fill Tank = 10 ounces
This means you add 10 oz of Part A AND 10 oz of Part B 


Notes Regarding Clear Zona

Clear Zona requires a balance of product to water volume. Equal parts of Part A and Part B should always be added. For maintenance treatment, 5 ml of each Part A and Part B per gallon should be added at fill each time you add make-up water. When topping off, the amount of Clear Zona is calculated on the volume of make-up water, not the entire tank volume.

Clear Zona comes as a 2-part formula, bundled in two separate bottles (Part A and Part B). When the calculator gives you a ‘ready to use’ volume and cost, understand that this is for the bundled set of both parts, not just one bottle. So, if you bought a 32oz bundle, that includes Part A and Part B together. The volumes and costs you see are based on the complete bundle, not individual parts.