As a grower, you strive to maximize yields, lower input costs, and ensure your product test pure.  You always had to choose between harsh, toxic chemicals or eco-friendly solutions with less-than-desired efficacy.  Until now.  Environmental Plant Management (EPM) has unlocked the ‘code’ of a natural recipe that encourages healthy plant growth.  This water-based cocktail of earth-friendly ingredients eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming product rotation and applications.  For growers, this means reduced input costs and eliminating costly application mistakes.  Welcome to the new era of high-performance, eco-friendly products from EPM.

Protection Plus


Protection Plus is the industry disruptor that annihilates pests, saves money, and boosts plant health.  This eco-friendly contact killer suffocates insects without toxic pesticides.  And unlike neem oil, Protection Plus leaves no residue behind.  Without pests, toxins or pore-clogging residue, plans and flowers thrive.

Protection Plus


Protection Plus not only controls pests, but its eco-friendly and safe formulation also kills plant pathogens including mold, fungus, and powdery mildew.  It reduces biofilm on roots and keeps hydroponic systems clean.  The result is healthier plants, robust growth and a higher overall yield.


Plant Wash

Eco Green Plant Wash is a must-have for growers using oil-based products including chemical pesticides or neem oil.  These leave a destructive residue that clogs a plant’s stomata and chloroplasts.  Eco Green Plant Wash clears away this film, allowing more light and CO2 into the plant, and increasing both health and visual appeal.