As a grower, you strive to maximize yields, lower input costs, and ensure your product test pure.  You always had to choose between harsh chemicals or eco-friendly solutions with less-than-desired efficacy.  Until now.  Environmental Plant Management (EPM) has unlocked the ‘code’ of a natural recipe that encourages healthy plant growth.  This water-based cocktail of earth-friendly ingredients eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming product rotation and applications.  For growers, this means reduced input costs and eliminating costly application mistakes.  Welcome to the new era of high-performance, eco-friendly products from EPM.

Protection Plus


Protection Plus is the industry disruptor that annihilates pests, saves money, and boosts plant health.  This eco-friendly contact killer suffocates insects without harsh chemicals or oils.  Protection Plus leaves no residue behind.  Without pests, toxins or pore-clogging residue, plants and flowers thrive.


Plant Wash

Eco Green Plant Wash is a must-have for growers using oil-based products including neem oil.  These leave a destructive residue that clogs a plant’s stomata and chloroplasts.  Eco Green Plant Wash clears away this film, allowing more light and CO2 into the plant, and increasing both health and visual appeal.