Protection Plus™ is a 25(b) earth-friendly, natural insecticide spray that eliminates insect life cycles without using harsh chemicals. This non-oil-based insecticide kills bugs on the first treatment without damaging the crop. For the best natural insecticide on the market, choose Protection Plus.


Efficacy testing proves Protection PlusTM insecticide spray kills 98% russet mites, 89% spider mites, 98% aphids, 90% thrips & 100% whiteflies


Why Choose Protection Plus™ Natural Insecticide?

Protection Plus is a natural, water-based insecticide that annihilates pests and keeps plants healthy. This non-systemic insecticide suffocates insects without using neurological, vascular, or systemic pesticides. Protection Plus does not leave a film or residue, allowing plants and flowers to thrive. With Protection Plus, you get the best of both worlds: a natural insecticide spray that won’t harm your plants while also killing pests effectively.


Advanced Benefits of Protection Plus™ Insecticide Spray

  • High contact kill efficacy reduces the need for application frequency
  • Fewer applications reducreduce costs, equipment rentals, and equipment wear-and-tear
  • Reduced product rotation decreases your product inventory needs
  • The plants will have less stress, reducing the chance of slowing plant growth
  • Using only one pesticide will reduce the chances of phytotoxicity from using multiple pesticides
  • Fewer pesticide products simplify employee training while reducing application errors

Insecticide Resistance – The Myth of Insecticide Rotation

Most pesticides don’t kill enough insects the first time, requiring multiple treatments with various chemicals. Additional treatments add unnecessary costs and take longer to complete, allowing bugs to build insecticide resistance over time. As insects build resistance, other pesticides must be rotated into the application process, adding more chemicals and application treatments to eliminate pests.

Protection Plus® is different. This breakthrough pesticide kills insects before they can adapt to its effectiveness. Our insecticide is a contact killer with high kill rates on the first application, making it an ideal choice for your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Protection Plus is cost-effective, and easy to use making it a natural pest-control solution. When used as directed, Protection Plus will continue to kill the pests you are treating for years to come without the need to rotate additional pesticides.

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Protection PlusTM -
Natural Insecticide

  • Earth-friendly: natural, food-based ingredients
  • Lower cost: Eliminates excessive treatments and the need for product rotation
  • Guaranteed pure: Quarterly testing to be free of over 400 forbidden ingredients to ensure our products are safe and natural for tough hemp and cannabis testing requirements
  • Free of all Proposition 65 ingredients
  • Residue-free, non-oil based formula doesn’t clog pores or hamper plant growth
  • Industry high kill rates

Residue – The Problem with Oil-Based Insecticides

Oil-based insecticides leave behind residue on leaves and roots. Over time and with multiple treatments, the residual film reduces pests, but the oil also blocks the sun, clogs pores, and turns leaves yellow. As a result, while oil-based insecticides not only eliminate invasive insects, they can also destroy your crop.

In contrast, Protection Plus is a residue-free, non-oil-based insecticide that works by killing pests on contact without leaving behind any film. Leaves stay healthy and vibrant while roots grow strong. Our unique, water-based formula provides a highly effective natural insecticide solution that keeps your plants safe.


Discover the Best Insecticide Spray for Commercial Growing Applications

At Environmental Plant Management, we supply commercial growers with industry-leading insecticide sprays and plant health products. We provide water-based food-grade insecticides, and plant wash products for gardeners, greenhouses, plant nurseries, vineyards, and more. We are committed to offering highly effective, ecosystem-friendly products that get the job done.


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Protection PlusTM replaced several products which didn’t work very well.  We have come to rely on Protection PlusTM as our only pesticide.  It has amazing knock-down power with no harm to the plants.

Doug Romero, Wee Farms