The challenges are many when producing crops in an open-field environment. Agriculture insecticide and agricultural fungicide are inputs that are top of the list.  Pest control and disease caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses are two of the biggest hurdles to overcome, but many producers also need safe, ecologically sound ways to keep irrigation lines and sprinkler heads clean and clear. It’s all part of ensuring healthy crops with high quality and great yields.

That’s why EPM offers eco-friendly, natural products that take a biological approach to pest control,and other concerns that affect producers around the world. EPM’s products offer a commercial-grade solution to control insects, and remove biofilm (and its components) that can not only interfere with plant growth, but also affect irrigation systems, as well. These products are made with natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals—and below, you’ll discover how producers can put them to work in an open-field environment.

Agricultural Insecticide for Crop Producers

EPM’s Protection PlusTM is the right choice to control pests and boost plant health within open field operations. This all-natural, FIFRA 25(b) commercial-grade insect control solution boasts industry-high kill rates for insects of all kinds. A single application of this agricultural insecticide kills pests—and saves money by eliminating the need for excessive applications throughout the growing season. This product is an oil-free mixture, which means it does not leave behind residues that can interfere with plant growth or clog sprinkler heads. It’s also free of both Proposition 65 ingredients and more than 400 other forbidden ingredients that could fail testing.

Prevent Disease and Keep Sprinkler Systems Clean with Water Cleansers

Keeping an open field agricultural system running smoothly means taking measures to not only treat and prevent pest problems and disease but also using products that can help ensure optimal health while keeping irrigation and sprinkler systems clean and clear. Natural water cleansers like EPM’s Clear ZonaTM are ideal for this job.

Clear ZonaTM degrades and destroys the biofilm that can build up plant roots, interfering with water and nutrient uptake. It also helps remove this buildup from sprinkler heads and irrigation systems, which helps you prevent clogs and other problems.

As with all of EPM’s products, Clear ZonaTM is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution free of harmful or undesirable chemicals.