Scientifically Proven, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Horticulture and Agriculture

As a grower, you strive to maximize yields, lower input costs, and ensure your products test pure. You always had to choose between harsh, toxic chemicals or eco-friendly solutions with less-then-desired efficacy. Until now. Welcome to a new era of high-performance, eco-friendly products from EPM. It’s science in step with nature.

Low-impact, environmentally friendly formulations that are in a class of their own:

Unmatched Pest Kill Rates

Industry best kill rates for aphids and other common pests

No Residue
Maximum Growth

Other solutions leave behind a film that stifles plant growth

Independently Tested for Purity

Meticulously tested for more than 485 prohibited ingredients

Lower Cost in-Use

Fewer applications save money in both product and labor



Protection Plus™ is the industry disruptor that annihilates pests, saves money, and boosts plant health. This eco-friendly contact killer suffocates insects without toxic pesticides. And unlike neem oil, Protection Plus™ leaves no residue behind. Without pests, toxins or pore-clogging residue, plants and flowers thrive.


Protection Plus™ not only controls pests, but its eco-friendly and safe formulation also kills plant pathogens including mold, fungus, and powdery mildew. It reduces biofilm on roots and keeps hydroponic systems clean. The result is healthier plants, robust growth and a higher overall yield.

Plant Wash

Eco Green Plant Wash™ is a must-have for growers using oil-based products including chemical pesticides or neem oil. These leave a destructive residue that clogs a plant’s stomata and chloroplasts. Eco Green Plant Wash™ clears away this film, allowing more light and CO2 into the plant, and increasing both health and visual appeal.

plants and soil

Certified laboratory testing shows that ONE APPLICATION of Protection Plus™ KILLS:

russet mite  


Russet Mites







Trusted by Growers Everywhere


An aphid infestation was threatening our entire crop. We tried all the pesticides, but a day after application, they would come back. We were astounded by Protection PlusTM. The aphids are no longer a problem.

-Matt from Oklahoma


The team at EPM is incredibly helpful and the product is fantastic. We noticed a difference in the plants just hours after application!

-Paul from Michigan


Our cannabis products have to pass inspection for multiple ingredients and chemicals. A failed test can be devastating. Protection PlusTM kills the bugs, plus I know our product will pass testing.

-Greg from Illinois

We Are Innovative Formulators of Natural Plant Products

At EPM, we are innovative formulators of commercial-grade natural plant products. We develop garden-safe plant sprays that are oil-free and harsh-chemical-free, providing the best commercial pest control and plant health solutions on the market. Our scientists are dedicated to producing natural, earth-friendly plant products formulated to keep your crops healthy and free from pests while keeping people, plants, and animals safe.

Commercial Plant Products Free from Harsh Chemicals & Harmful Oils

Environmental Plant Management is the only producer of fully natural plant products designed to work throughout the plant's entire life, from seed through harvest, in pre-production, production, and post-production applications. Our products are safe for food crop applications and contain no harmful oils or harsh chemicals often found in other leading commercial plant products. Comprised of the best natural ingredients, EPM products promote holistic plant health, ensuring garden-safe solutions for pest control, plant wash, water cleansers, and more.


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