Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

This type of farming has become increasingly popular as a solution to the problem of food insecurity.  Areas traditionally inhospitable to food crops are being transformed.  However, problems indoors still need to be solved.


Field Agriculture

Commercial Agriculture producers face many challenges beyond their control:  water, labor, and shipping are factors that farmers cannot adapt to and cannot change their practices to accommodate.  But insect control and water safety - those we offer you solutions for.  



No matter how much effort and time you spend trying to keep them away, insects are nuisances in every greenhouse.  It’s crucial that you have the right tools to control them.

backyard garden


How gardeners embrace the art of growing quality food and healthy plants of all kinds is the difference between success and failure.



Crop densities in hydroponic systems are usually higher than in regular soil-grown systems.  This density increases susceptibility to pests and diseases.  Hydroponic growers must take these extra measures to protect their operations if they hope to earn back their invested costs.

plant nursery

Plant Nursery

Whether you are controlling pests during the germination and seed starting stage, after transplanting, or as you grow out plants into larger specimens, you need borad protection against common nursery pests.  You need a fast-acting and easy-to-apply pest control.  We can help.



Grape growers battle insects, pests, and spray drift from another farmer's property while trying to keep their vines healthy.  There is a way to win the war.