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Struggling with concentrate ratios for your spray bottle? The Dose Director simplifies it!

Just enter your bottle size and the recommended concentrate per gallon. We'll calculate the exact amount of concentrate needed for your specific bottle. Mixing made easy and precise!

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Important Notes- Let's make sure we do this right!

  1. Start by filling your spray bottle with water first, then add the concentrate.
  2. Remember, it's water first, then solution - just like making a great smoothie!  This way, you avoid unwanted foaming and ensure you can add the exact amount of required water.
  3. Give the bottle of CONCENTRATE a good shake BEFORE adding it to the water.  Our natural ingredients can be shy and will settle at the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Once you've got your mixture, shake it up again in your spray bottle.  This helps to blend everything nicely.
  5. Give your spray bottle a little shake before each use to make sure our natural ingredients are not settled at the bottom.
  6. PRO TIP:  Give your spray bottle a little shake and a jiggle now and then while using it.  This keeps everything well-mixed and effective.