Growing quality food has never been more important. How gardeners embrace the art of growing quality food and healthy plants of all kinds is the difference between success and failure. There are many reasons why gardeners and gardens fail. One of the most common mechanisms that lead to crop failure and then the loss of the desire to grow comes from the massive damage that insects can have on gardens and crops. A single species of insect can destroy your entire garden, and it can feel as though you have one threat after another. The truth of that is as a gardener you do face one threat after another, but there is hope. Managing plant pest infestations is the third line of defense. The first line is the prevention of infestations. Successful gardeners achieve that through the use of various practices based on the types of crops they grow.

Not your average pest control -
Protection PlusTM actually works.


The Cycle of Pest Control 

Most gardeners come to the problem of controlling pests because there is an infestation, and the size of the problem endangers the garden or crop. That is a challenge because applying harmful chemicals to plants means that those who eat the crop take the chemicals into their bodies. Non-organic crops lead to long-term health concerns. So, what is the best garden insecticide when you face an infestation? The best options are natural, food-safe, and effective. 

The cycle of pest control for gardeners begins with prevention and pest management practices. By keeping pest populations low, you prevent the massive damage that a full infestation can do. A simple, effective product.  You don't need many products that cost money and take up space. What you need is a natural insecticide for garden crop protection and one that not only helps you control pest populations as they emerge but also has the power to reverse the danger of a full infestation. The benefit of choosing pest control products that are safe and effective is that they not only protect your garden from pests without causing damage to beneficials but also that they save you time because they are easy to use and do their job well. 

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Protection Plus -
Best Garden Insecticide

    • Earth-friendly:  natural, food based ingredients
    • Industry high kill rates
    • For use on ornamentals, trees, shrubs and all food crops
    • Leaves zero residue on plants
    • Safe to use around children and pets (when used as directed)
    • Easy to use so maintenance and application are not a chore


Plant and Food-safe Garden Pest Control - the best garden insecticide 

Protection Plus is a broad application pesticide that is safe for use on food-producing plants and in gardens. It is highly effective in handling russet mites, spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, and thrips. As an insecticide, and miticide, Protection Plus offers a simple and natural solution to managing garden pest infestations.  Use it to handle infestations and as part of your regular pest maintenance program. 

Healthy plants can take in the sunshine, uptake water, and nutrients, and thrive. When plants have pest damage, they often have a drop in photosynthesis, their tissue becomes dry despite available water, and they weaken due to a drop in nutrient uptake. Protection Plus is natural and food-safe and allows plants to thrive by dealing with insects quickly and efficiently.