Vineyards are often subject to a variety of plant health challenges that can affect the quality and yield of grapes. These challenges include diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, pests, and even sanitation hazards that can affect plant health through irrigation systems. To ensure healthy vines and good harvests each year, vineyard owners need safe, natural products that take a biological approach to sanitation, vineyard diseases, and vineyard pest control.

With EPM, vineyards enjoy not only the benefits of a natural insecticide and plant protection products for commercial growers, but also custom solutions designed to solve plant health problems using only natural ingredients--never harsh chemicals. Discover how vineyards can use EPM products below, and be sure to reach out for customized, natural solutions designed to treat your specific plant health problems.


Insect Control for Vineyards

Vineyards need safe, all-natural insect control solutions to ensure healthy vines and good harvests each year. EPM provides vineyard owners with an effective insect control option in the form of Protection Plus, which not only destroys pests, but also saves money and boosts plant health.

Protection Plus is an oil-free solution, which means no residue buildup to clog pores or interfere with plant growth. It's also a solution that is free of all Proposition 65 ingredients, plus free of more than 400 forbidden ingredients. What's more, growers have reported high kill rates for pests including spotted lanternfly, Japanese beetles, mealybugs, and more, which makes it the best in vineyard pest management. Using Protection Plus eliminates the need for product rotation and excessive treatments.

Improve Plant Health and Prevent Vineyard Diseases with Plant Washes

Keeping vineyards healthy and productive requires vineyard owners to take a holistic approach that takes into account the entire vineyard ecosystem. This includes not only controlling pests, but also ensuring proper operation of the vineyard's irrigation system. One effective way to ensure plant health is through the use of natural cleaners, which can help remove biofilm buildup in order to improve CO2 and oxygen exchange. Use EPM's Eco GreenTM plant wash to remove this type of buildup. It's a biodegradable, plant-based solution that is a must-have for vineyards that use oil-based pesticides.

To restore irrigation systems to full capacity, clean biofilm and mineral deposits away from clogged lines, pipes and sprinklers using Clear Zona®, which is EPM's newest solution for safe and natural cleanser.  Organic fertilizers are especially prone to creating irrigation system biofilm clogs due to the organic solids and microbe ingredients.  With regular treatment using Clear Zona® your irrigation lines, reservoirs and the rest of your system will remain clean and clog-free.