Greenhouse growers rely on a healthy environment for plants to thrive. However, for many growers, invasive pests pose a serious threat to the success of their crops. Insects like whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, and thrips in greenhouses can wreak havoc on plant health. Many insecticide and miticide products on the market either lack in effectiveness or damage plants with harmful chemicals after treatment.

Environmental Plant Management™ is every greenhouse grower’s solution. At EPM, we produce natural insecticides, miticides, and irrigation systems treatment products that provide everything you need to control pests in your greenhouse while keeping your plants healthy without the use of oils or harsh chemicals.


Protection Plus's efficacy significantly reduce farm/greenhouse input costs

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Protection Plus -
Natural Insecticide for Commercial Growers

    • FIFRA 25(b) exempt minimal-risk pesticide; minimal PPE required
    • Earth-friendly: natural, food-based ingredients
    • Industry high kill rates
    • Lower cost: Eliminates excessive treatments and the need for product rotation
    • Guaranteed pure: Quarterly testing to be free of over 400 forbidden ingredients to ensure our products are safe and natural for tough hemp and cannabis testing requirements
    • Zero-Day Restricted-Entry Interval (REI)
    • Residue-free, non-oil-based formula doesn’t clog pores or hamper plant growth



Controlling Thrips, Whiteflies, Aphids, Spider Mites, & Other Greenhouse Pests

Greenhouses are breeding grounds for invasive pests and harmful fungi. Controlling thrips, spider mites, mildew, aphids, and whiteflies in greenhouse environments can be extremely difficult without the right products. Unfortunately, oil-based insecticides leave residue on leaves, harming plants over time. Other insecticide products require complex rotation schedules, complicating the treatment process and increasing the margin for error during application. All of these issues make greenhouse powdery mildew and pest treatment a challenging process.

Discover the Best Natural Insecticide & Fungicide for Commercial Greenhouses

EPM products are different. Our natural greenhouse insecticide, and plant wash products are highly effective and can safely be used at all stages of plant growth, from seedling and propagation through harvest, without damaging plants. Our industry-leading insecticide ensure that greenhouses control thrips, spider mites, and other pests. Greenhouse growers can rely on EPM products to help them cultivate profitable, healthy, trouble-free plants. View our products lines, or contact us today to learn how EPM can help you control pests and fungus in your greenhouse.


Advanced Benefits of Greenhouse Plant Wash, Insecticides, & More from EPM

  • Eco-friendly, natural ingredients
  • High contact kill efficacy reduces treatment frequency 
  • Fewer applications lowers labor costs
  • Less chemicals decreases your product inventory needs
  • Oil-free insecticide keeps plants healthy

EPM Is Your Source for Greenhouse Insecticides, Plant Wash & More

EPM has been inventing unique, natural products for over 35 years. We supply commercial and consumer growers with industry-leading, eco-friendly insecticide, and plant health products. Our plant protection products are used by gardeners, plant nurseries, vineyards, and more to control pests and protect plants. At EPM, we develop our products to be safe for humans, animals, and the planet when used as directed. Discover what makes Environmental Plant Management products the best in the industry.


Contact EPM To Learn More About Our Industry-Leading Greenhouse Products

Find a distributor to purchase our premium greenhouse insecticide and fungicide products. Commercial growers can also sign up for our premium Commercial Grower Purchasing Program. To learn more about controlling spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, and aphids in greenhouse environments, contact us online or call (480)805-1460. Trust EPM for all your greenhouse fungicide and insecticide needs.