No matter how much effort and time you spend trying to keep them away, insects and funguses are nuisances in every greenhouse. It’s crucial that you have the right tools to control them.

Unfortunately, oil-based insecticides and fungicides leave biofilm residue on leaves, harming plants. Many are ineffective. Most need complicated product rotations for long-term success.

EPM products are different. Our products, including our commercial-grade insecticide, greenhouse fungicide, and plant wash are not only highly effective but can safely be used at all stages of plant growth, from seedling and propagation to harvest, without damaging plants.

As a result, greenhouse growers can rely on EPM products to help them cultivate profitable, healthy and trouble-free plants.

Protection Plus, replaces three individual products – significantly cutting farm/greenhouse costs:  insecticide – miticide - fungicide

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Protection Plus -
Commercial Grade Insecticide

    • Kills eggs, larvae, young and adult insects
    • FIFRA 25(b) exempt minimal-risk pesticide; minimal PPE required
    • Earth-friendly: natural, food-based ingredients
    • Industry best kill rates
    • Lower cost: Eliminates excessive treatments and the need for product rotation
    • Guaranteed pure: Quarterly testing to be free of over 400 forbidden ingredients to ensure our products are safe and natural for tough hemp and cannabis testing requirements
    • Zero-Day Restricted-Entry Interval (REI)
    • Residue-free, non-oil-based formula doesn’t clog pores or hamper plant growth

Protection Plus

Protection Plus is an ultra-effective and highly economical tool for use in ongoing commercial integrated pest management programs. This safe, eco-friendly commercial grade insecticide and greenhouse fungicide has the industry’s best insecticide kill rates, eliminating a wide range of pests. It eliminates 100% of whiteflies in greenhouses, 98% of aphids in greenhouses and is exceptional for spider mite control, controlling thrips in greenhouses, russet mites, and more.

Protection Plus is also a natural fungicide. The advanced Protection Plus formula eliminates a wide range of plant pathogens, including unwanted mold, slimy fungus, and powdery mildew from roots, soils, growing mediums, tanks, pipes and other equipment.

Eco Green Plant Wash

Many pesticides leave oil or detergent on leaves and roots, forming a destructive biofilm residue on roots and leaves. These clog a plant’s stomata and chloroplasts, inhibiting growth, making plants and flowers less visually appealing, and impairing their taste and smell. Eco Green Plant Wash washes biofilm off, leaving plants healthier.