We are Environmental Plant Management, and we believe in a safer world for everyone. Since day one, we’ve been working hard to produce top-quality products for the agricultural industry, with our founder pioneering in the fields of enzymes and bacteria. It's with this mindset that EPM has been inventing unique, natural products from more than 35 years experience. Our line includes insecticide, miticide, cleanser, plus products to clear water and soil rebuilding products.

What you won’t find here are products that cause damage to the environment or sensitive ecosystems—or products that are dangerous for humans, animals, and plants. Our focus is on building a line of ecosystem-friendly products that get the job done.

We’ve always known that one of the biggest challenges that agriculturalists and horticulturists face is finding safe, yet cost-effective products for use in their operations. Efficacy, safety, and cost—producers need to prioritize each of those factors, but in the past, it wasn’t always easy to find affordable solutions that produced results without hurting the environment or exposing living things to potential risks.

EPM is here to change that. Our products are incredibly effective. Their reduced toxicity means that our products reduce the risk of damage to the environment, ecosystems, and to humans, animals, and plants. Bringing those risks down also brings down the costs associated with negative health effects or environmental contamination. All of that comes in products that are affordable to purchase and use on a broad scale.

We’re doing everything we can to be kind to the planet—and to the global community, we share it with. That’s what our products are all about. What you won’t find among our lineup are products that use expensive packaging to make big promises they can’t quite deliver.

For us, it’s about responsibility—and responsibility means creating quality formulas that you can put to work in a variety of applications without worrying that you could be damaging the environment or exposing people, animals, and plants to ingredients that could cause lasting harm.

Our President and Founder, Patrick Haley, is the mastermind and formulator of our line of products.  As a pioneer in the field of enzymes and bacteria, Patrick's research into enzymes' symbiotic relationship with all life on earth thrust him into the manufacturing of water-based enzyme products that have helped animals, plants, and the environment as a whole.  Patrick has formulated and invented unique products for the last 35 years, many of which you may have used in your home, garden, pond, or spa.  These products include natural parasite control and prevention for chickens, horses, cattle, and goats; water cleaning for birdbaths, ponds, lakes, animal troughs, and other water gardens; enzyme cleaners for coops, barns, stalls, birdhouses, bird feeders, and around the house; natural odor eliminators for livestock and pets; indigenous pond bacteria to create a balanced eco-filter in lakes & ponds; and holistic medicine for equine papillomavirus.