Growers need a plant wash that leaves plants cleaner, roots healthier and plants thriving.  Oil-based fungicides and insecticides may be killing pests, but what else are they killing? You need a plant wash to keep your plants clean and healthy. 

The Problem with Oil-Based Products

When oils or detergents dry, they leave a harmful biofilm residue on roots and leaves. This clogs a plant’s stomata and chloroplasts, restricting the CO2 and atmospheric oxygen exchange and light from entering the leaf. As a result, plants look sickly and don’t’ grow. These residues also impair the taste and smell of plants.

In a greenhouse environment, growers spend considerable time and money creating the perfect environment for plants to thrive, such as expensive lighting and irrigation systems. But if a plant can’t absorb light due to biofilm residue from neem oil or another oil-based insecticide, not even the most expensive lighting system will do its job.

Water isn’t enough to rid plants of dust, pollen, dirt, lint and chemical residues that stifle growth.  Eco Green Plant Wash removes the film.


“Home Remedies” Do More Harm than Good

There is a myth in the industry that dish soap, lemon juice and even baking soda can be used as an effective plant wash. At best, these are ineffective. At worse, they can create irreparable harm to your plants.

These home remedies make poor plant washers, leaving behind biofilm, which impairs growth and can cause leaves to turn yellow and fall off.

Many brands of dish soap are even worse. They contain phosphates, bleaches, dyes and fragrances, many of which can be toxic to plants, especially roots. Dish soap is also designed to remove oil, grease and wax. When sprayed on plants, it can remove the natural oils and waxes that protect leaves, making it easier for pathogens to infect them.

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ECO Green Plant Wash-

  • Biodegradable and plant-based
  • A must-have for growers who use oil-based and sulfur pesticides
  • Best used in-between oil-based pesticide applications to eliminate growth retarding film and restore plant luster at the same time
  • Contains no harmful or undesirable chemicals
  • Available in multiple sizes, from 8-ounce bottles to 275-gallon totes

 A Plant Wash Clean and Pure

The best option to protect your plants from unwanted bugs and fungus is to use Protection Plus®, our eco-friendly contact killer, and avoid the competition’s oil-based products. If not, then EcoGreen Plant Wash is a must-have for growers that use oil-based products, including neem oil to wash away the film left behind.

No more unhealthy roots and leaves. No more oils and waxes. With EcoGreen Plant Wash, you’ll start cleaning up with better, healthier plants