Whether in the home or the office, you want your potted plants to thrive and be free from pests. Our natural, environmentally friendly, problem-solving solutions promote healthy plant growth and are effective as insect killers and plant washers.

Whether you need an effective, natural insecticide for indoor plants or a fungicide for houseplants, rely on products from Environmental Plant Management.

Protection Plus kills 98% russet mites, 89% spider mites, 98% aphids, 90% thrips & 100% whiteflies on 1st application

With our products, you can protect your potted, indoor plants from:

  • Ants: Ants dig tunnels underneath the soil, which can damage roots
  • Aphids: Many aphids are born pregnant, allowing them to quickly spread and terrorize your entire crop or plant bed
  • Gnats: Gnat baby larvae feast on plant roots. They also attract ants.
  • Scorpions: These fearless terrors will find their way into indoor dwellings that have cracks and crevices leading from outdoors
  • Spiders: Spider webs are as unsightly as the insects who spin them
  • Spider-mites: These pests can go from hatch to adult in as little as three days
  • Thrips: When they start to fly, they quickly spread to objects all over the room
  • Whiteflies: Whiteflies stunt plant growth and suck the juices from leaves and flower buds, causing them to turn yellow and fall off
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Protection Plus -
Commercial Grade Insecticide

  • Kills eggs, larvae, young and adult insects
  • Earth-friendly: natural, food-based ingredients
  • Industry best kill rates
  • Lower cost: Eliminates excessive treatments and the need for product rotation
  • Guaranteed pure: Quarterly testing to be free of over 400 forbidden ingredients to ensure our products are safe and natural for tough hemp and cannabis testing requirements
  • Free of all Proposition 65 ingredients
  • Residue-free, non-oil based formula doesn’t clog pores or hamper plant growth

Protection Plus®

A natural insecticide for house plants, Protection Plus eliminates a wide range of pests. Our eco-friendly contact killer eliminates 100% of whiteflies on houseplants, 98% of russet mites and aphids on houseplants, 90% of thrips on houseplants, and 89% of spider mites on houseplants—all on the first treatment.

It’s also a natural fungicide, eliminating powdery mildew on houseplants and unwanted mold and slimy fungus, from roots, soils and equipment.

Eco Green Plant WashTM

Indoor electrical systems and outdoor atmospheric disturbances generate electromagnetic frequencies that cause dust, pollen, dirt, lint and other things to stick to the plants. Eco Green Plant Wash removes oil and dirt that clogs pores and coats roots, ensuring plants are healthy and look terrific.