Growers need an eco-friendly fungicide that keeps plants growing and costs shrinking.  Mildew and fungus keep plants from thriving.  But did you know that the fungicide you’re using can be causing greater, longer-lasting damage?

Avoiding the Problem of Residue

Oil-based fungicides coat leaves and seeps into roots. Over time this blocks mildew and fungus from growing, but it also stagnates the plants by clogging their pores. Plants can’t get sunlight or nutrients. The leaves turn yellow and fall off. The plant falters.
Protection Plus®, a first-contact natural fungicide for plants, never leaves a film. Instead, by controlling the disease with its initial application, plants stay healthier, and their roots grow strong.

Protection PlusTM natural fungicide for plants is purity tested to be free of 480+ chemical ingredients including heavy metals, bacteria, adverse chemicals, and more.

The Natural Fungicide for Plants with Added Benefits

Protection Plus is the safe, eco-friendly natural fungicide for plants that controls plant pathogens, including mold, fungus and powdery mildew. As a water-based product, Protection Plus has the added benefit of reducing biofilm on roots and soil, keeping hydroponic systems clean, and plants healthier and thriving.

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Protection Plus -
Natural Fungicide for Plants

  • Kills eggs, larvae, young and adult insects
  • Earth-friendly: natural, food-based ingredients
  • Industry best kill rates
  • Lower cost: Eliminates excessive treatments and the need for product rotation
  • Guaranteed pure: Quarterly testing to be free of over 400 forbidden ingredients to ensure our products are safe and natural for tough hemp and cannabis testing requirements
  • Free of all Proposition 65 ingredients
  • Residue-free, non-oil based formula doesn’t clog pores or hamper plant growth

Eco-friendly and Effective Natural Fungicide

Few natural fungicides outperform chemical-based solutions. Our Protection Plus natural fungicide for plants does. In fact, with Protection Plus, you get an all-natural, pure solution that keeps plants healthy while looking good and growing strong.

Ultra Pure Fungicide

You’ll never find any banned or impure ingredients in Protection Plus. You have our word. To be absolutely sure, we don’t just test our products once. We continuously test them so that we can guarantee they never have bacteria, chemicals or any substance that can harm your harvest.

The Real Value of Protection Plus Fungicide

  • Fewer applications save labor costs, equipment rentals and use
  • Reduced product rotation decreases your product inventory needs
  • Fewer products make employee training easier and application errors less likely

No more worries. No more unhealthy plants. With Protection Plus, you get a natural fungicide for plants that won’t cause harm while keeping your plants strong and growing.


After a heat wave, issues started to pop up with powdery mildew and aphids.  With Protection PlusTM, the plants looked amazing after each application.  We could see a difference in the plants just in just hours.

Paul Nye, Happy Buds Farm